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Our Theatre was founded by Alexander Fedorov in 1988 and is situated in the historical centre of Moscow. Young actors of the theatre got from 9 to 16 years old. 

The Young Actors Musical Theatre of Moscow became a  State theatre in 1996 and still remains the only theatre with children actors who got this status in the territory of The Russian Federation. The theatre has participated in many international festivals/events such as Expo 2000 (Germany), River Fest (USA), Festival of the University of Nancy (France), World Festival of Children's Theatre in Lingen (Germany) and Havana (Cuba) etc. We hosted the children's theatre groups from the USA, Switzerland, UK, South Korea.

Our repertoire is constantly changing, but some performances rest on the stage for many years loved by the audience and the actors: "In the nursery", "Moscow Story 1205", "Dream about the Rain", "The Adventures of Oliver Twist", "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", "The Snow Queen".

The troupe of the theatre has participated in different international music projects realized by the company Stage Entertainment in Moscow such as "Zorro", "Sound of Music", "Beauty and the Beast". Our young actors also took part in the first Russian musical "Toothy Nanny" (produced and directed by Lina Arifulina).

The Presidential Orchestra Of Russian Federation is our constant music partner.




Dream about the Rain (on our stage from 2003) 

For the age 12+

Running time: 1 hour 10 minutes

(In memory of Christina Kourbatova)

The performance is dedicated to the young actress of our theatre Christina Kourbatova, who was in a role of Katya Tatarinova in musical "Nord-Ost",  and died in Dubrovka terrorist attack.

Alexander Fedorov was awarded with a Patriarchal Diploma by Alexiy II, the Patriarch of Moscow and Russia as a stage director of the performance.

In 2013 Alexander Fedorov and Elena Bochkova (Production Designer of the performance) were also awarded with a prize by the Government of Russian Federation for their contribution to Russian culture.

The performance was shown in Switzerland, Baltic countries and Cuba.

Modern man lives under constant stress. We are full of fears, phobias and bustle. We are hiding in our apartments, protected by iron doors and plastic windows, and we always have an umbrella in case of rain. We are watching the world through the TV screen, reading e-books, communicating through the Internet and listening to the sound of rain through the headphones. Watch this performance, and maybe you'll hear something that had never heard of before and remember what has been forgotten a long time ago. You'll see how the life of a man is passing before his eyes. You'll see his birth, holidays, friendship, love, war, making friends and losing friends. The Fate that gives each of us to drink from her cup. Eleven songs poured down as a rain, washing away the line between reality and dreams, between past and present, will bring you back to the beginning, to the very source. Our performance is indicated for all ages. All spectators, both young and adult, will find something important for themselves. And remember, that since ancient times people believe that to dream the rain brings good.




Moscow Story 1205 (on our stage from July,2008 - the premiere took place at the X World Children's Festival in Moscow)

For the age 8+

Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes

Music by A. Shelygin

Performed 207 times

First musical written at the request of The Young Actors Musical Theatre

1205 is the number of the school in Moscow where our theatre was kindly hosted while the main theatre building was under reconstruction

Romeo and Juliet did not die. They are alive, and their feelings are alive as ever. And passions around their love story didn't calm down. However, times have changed. Other names. And the action is set in the usual Moscow school. The great and terrible 9 "B" class is divided in two clans - losers and top students. Their internal war also involved adults - from the school principal to the teachers. No one knows when and why this war broke out. In the midst of the battle two new students entered into the class - He and She. And the delicate balance of forces in the class was violated. Love, passion and despair - all mixed up in this strange story. Music written by talented composer Alexey Shelygin, witty texts by Natalia Belyushina, modern language and sparkling play of young actors will open up the fascinating world of the performance. But what does the number 1205 mean? Moscow school number? Beginning of the school break between the lessons? Five minutes after noon, when the sun begins its return journey or May 12? Try to guess yourself...



In the Nursery

For the age 8+

Running time: 1 hour 20 minutes

Music by M. P. Mussorgsky

Classical music for children

The only performance in the world

Our theatre building will soon celebrate one hundred years. In this building once lived large and friendly families. The space above the stage and make-up rooms was an apartment of Moscow lawyer and his family. We do not know the exact location of all rooms, but I do know that inside this apartment together with the living room, father's office, dining room, bedrooms, maid's room, storeroom, there also was a nursery, as in many other apartments of that time. The nursery was a wonderful world of romps and strict, but kind nannies, world of children's pranks and first serious feelings. Here children were studying, falling in love, growing up... The nursery was a world where adults were trying not to step in. Our performance - is a possibility to dream up all together on the theme of "nursery": how children were living at that time, how they were communicating between them, which kind of games they were playing, what they were thinking about. In the Nursery everyone is speaking old Russian language now forgotten. And the music of great Mussorgskiy helps to create a special atmosphere of beauty, goodness, love and bright happiness. And we all become children again. This performance is not about Russia we have lost, but about Russia, which we have forgotten, and now are trying to remember all together since the childhood.



The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (On our stage from 2005, renovated in 2012)

For the age 8+

Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes

Music by V. Semenov

Performed 123 times

Who is Tom Sawyer? Charming, curious, inventive dreamer. And, of course, a pretty bummer, that is a very ordinary boy described by Mark Twain. You are asking: "Why he is still so popular?" For a sympathetic heart, inexhaustible imagination, fair and honest soul. You will meet a homeless boy, Huckleberry Finn, get on Jackson's Island, get lost in a Douglas cave, visit the cemetery and learn how to reduce warts using dead cats. You and our heroes will discover the   treasure, cruel Injun Joe will commit a crime before your eyes and shift the blame to the defenseless drunk Muffen "Muff" Potter. You will get acquainted with the daughter of District Judge Becky Thatcher in which our young hero falls in love, and you'll see that even a child is capable of performing courageous and  noble actions. Bright, catchy melodies composed by Viktor Semenov will bring you to America of the thirties of the XIX century, where on the banks of the great Mississippi River this amazing story has begun.




The Adventures of Oliver Twist (The oldest performance of our theatre - on the stage from 1990)

For the age 8+

Running time: 2 hours and 20 minutes

Music by L. Barth

Performed 458 times

The performance was shown in Switzerland, Germany, USA, CIS countries, and all over Russia

Our performance is based on Charles Dickens's novel of the same name and the classic musical Oliver! by L. Barth. This performance is a "veteran" of our repertoire, premiered in 1990. the performance has been shown in many cities of Russia and all over the world. The audience of Arkhangelsk, Novokuznetsk, Ryazan, Voronezh, Detroit, Seattle, Zurich and Dusseldorf applauded our actors. The story of a boy from the workhouse named Oliver Twist, told 160 years ago by English writer Charles Dickens's, remains modern and interesting even today. Oliver is a small man with an open and pure heart. The fate was cruel to Oliver, it deprived him of parental warmth and affection, surrounded him by thieves and murderers. However, he was able to arouse human feelings even inside these horrible persons. Great music, catchy melodies, deep storyline and colorful "live" play of our young actors represent a real "celebration of theatre".



“Pippi Longstocking”
Based on the fairy tale by Astrid Lindgren.
For children from 6 years and adults
Stage Director - Alexander Fedorov
“We are living in order to bring good to people. I am certainly living for this! But I wonder, what other people are living for?” Pippi
Full version of the musical performance by composer Vladimir Dashkevich,  libretto by Juliy Kim.
The most "populated" performance of the Young Actors Musical Theatre of Moscow, over fifty young actors are working on the stage at the same moment. Filled with circus exhibitions and tricks. The performance may be accompanied by the Presidential Orchestra of the Russian Federation, as well as an orchestral phonogram (minus). All vocal parts are performed live. The premiere of the musical was held in May 2015. Sixty seven performances have been played on the leading stages of Moscow from the premiere show to the present time.
“Pippi Longstocking” was awarded as the best children's performance in Moscow in 2016.
The creators of the performance, the stage director A.Fedorov, the musical director A.Tarasova and the art director E.Bochkova received the Moscow city award in Literature and Art in 2017.
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes with intermission.